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Signs of An Aging and Old Roof

Rich in history, New England is home to some of the oldest homes in the nation. These homes add to the sights of our towns like Cambridge and Arlington, with their aged charm and beauty. While we look at these buildings and homes with reverence, we don’t do the same with an aging, old roof. An aging roof doesn’t bring value to our lives, more so headaches and frustration. It is imperative to identify the signs of age before it turns into a serious problem.

Signs from Far Away


Often, seeing your roof up close is difficult and dangerous for the average homeowner. There are some signs that can be seen from the ground that may give you an insight into its overall health. Firstly, large patches of moss indicate not only age, but water issues that are present in your old shingles. Secondly, large dark patches may indicate algae or wet spots. Finally, large patches of missing shingles are the most egregious sign that your roof needs immediate attention from a roofing professional. If any of these jump out to you, it is smart to begin the process of getting estimates for replacement or repair before they turn into most costly leaks.

Old Roof Shingles Show Signs of Aging


While a damaged or aging roof might not jump out at you from the ground, closer inspection may be necessary to see more minute, but just as important, problems. For example, cracked shingles or those that are missing granules may not be readily apparent and easily seen from the ground. These often indicate poor roof health. Similarly, curled or lifted shingles do not protect your roof deck as much as when they lay flat. This is something that can also lead to leaks and rot as they do not properly shed water. As a result, roof shingles show signs of aging and offer potential warning signs about future problems.

Overall Roof Age


Arguably the most blatant sign of a dated roof is its age itself. Asphalt shingles last 15-20 years depending on weather and installation. When your roof begins to hit that mark, signs of age may become more apparent. Also, if you notice that many of your neighbors are getting their roofs done, it may be an indication that yours is close. This mainly pertains to areas in which homes are the same age and built around the same time such as Cambridge or Arlington.

Next Steps for an Aging Roof


With aging shingles, the next step is replacement. Constantly patching and repairing can become just as costly as a replacement, with added headaches. Here at Ranch Roofing, we are strongly against roofing over tired shingles. This is not the proper approach to fixing an aging roofing system and will lead to more issues down the road. The correct process is to remove old shingles and start fresh from a bare deck.

For more about signs of an aging or old roof, check out this post from our supplier, Owens Corning.

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