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Questions to Ask Roof Repair Contractors

Finding roof repair contractors does not have to be a difficult task. In all areas, contractors are a dime a dozen. Wading through search after search leaves you more and more confused as to which organization you will choose. While it’s true that there are countless roof repair contractors in every market, there are a few easy steps to take to be confident in your decision. Having the need for a roof repair is a trying time for all homeowners. You are unnerved that your roof has developed a leak or damage, and you’re wondering just how bad it really is. This is usually a quick journey for most because you want to stop leaks early. Less than scrupulous organizations will tell you what you want to hear to gain your business. But how can you be sure that their quality will match their promises? As you begin this process, go into it with a plan. Know what you are looking for before you open your computer or pick up your phone. It is wise to prepare a list of questions to better aid in vetting the companies you speak with. We have developed a list of questions to ask your potential roof repair contractors. By using these, you will gain a better understanding of what the company offers, how they operate, and what their quality of work is.

Questions on History and Reviews


How long have you been in business?

Where can I find your reviews?

Do you have any examples of recent work?

While it is unfair to discredit organizations without lengthy history, as some are just starting out, robust business history often showcases quality of work. There is usually a reason that organizations with lengthy track records have been around for as long as they have. Also, companies with lengthy history will have compiled a long list of reviews from happy customers. Companies with nothing to hide are proud of their reviews. They will do their best to point you in every direction possible for all their roofing reviews. Organizations that are proud of their work love to show it off. By asking to see recent work you will gain an understanding of the quality and pride of work accomplished.

Roof Repair Warranties are Tricky


What is your guarantee on repair projects?

Is there any warranty associated with this?

Unlike questions you would ask your roof replacement contractor, warranties on roof repairs are uncommon. Roof repair contractors will work to the best of the ability to identify and fix any area of issue. That is not to be said that there won’t be any new leaks that weren’t apparent during the process. There may be some sort of warranty offered on the materials used, but often a guarantee over a set period is most common. Since a leak on a roof due to age is usually not a singular instance, guarantees on workmanship are very specific to certain areas and materials.  Do not let this be a sticking point during your search, as it is not common, but it is still best practice to inquire.

General Roof Repair Contractor Questions


How available will you be for questions?

What kind of materials will you use?

Having questions is an inevitable part during any project. You want an organization or salesman that will be there for you to answer questions during every step of the process. Being able to feel confident about your choice revolves around how open and forthcoming your roof repair contractor is. Similarly, quality contractors will choose the best materials available. The better the material, the better outcome for all projects. You don’t need to be an expert in what constitutes quality with materials. If a contractor is proud of the materials they use, they will tell you.

Working with a roof repair contractor should feel like less of a job, and more like building a trusting friendship. Professionals love to work with their clients to ensure the utmost in satisfaction. The questions are just a framework to start and build a conversation. Take liberties in questions and develop a solid rapport with your salesman. Good roofing contractors are there to build not only quality roofs but quality relationships that last a lifetime.