Removing snow from roof

Why You Should be Removing Snow from Your Roof

There are many factors that go into the strength and load capability of your roof. These factors include age, build quality, roof pitch, among many more. It is impossible to determine exactly how much snow your roof can handle without an engineering degree; however, there are some rules of thumb you can follow to determine snow removal timelines. A small amount of snow will not cause any issues, but the deeper we get into winter, and the more snow that piles, snow loads begin to cause worry. Removing snow from your roof can alleviate any worry early before issues start to arise. Again, there are many factors that can impact just how much weight your roof can hold. During an average winter, homeowners should be mindful of their roof’s anatomy and how it relates to load capacity. You don’t have to be a roofing expert for this, but just keep in mind the following factors that can impact ratings. As a whole, the pitch of your roof impacts snow load, where a flatter roof can hold a lesser amount of weight. Similarly, older roofs may be built to different codes and therefore be weaker, or have aging materials that can also negatively impact strength. As a whole, err on the side of caution and be sure to remove snow from your roof before issues arise.

Roof Pitch and Roof Snow Shovels


You might think that taking your trusty snow shovel onto your roof is the best step towards clearing snow and ice. This could not be further from the truth. When removing snow from your roof, roof pitch plays an important role. The steeper the roof, the more dangerous it is to climb up there, let alone during winter. Take care to not climb onto your roof during the winter, or any time for that matter. Roofing professionals are trained in how to walk on pitched roofs and take the proper safety precautions when moving around. Also, there are specialized tools for this job, also known as roof rakes, that make this a task you can handle from the safety of your yard. Similarly, there are professionals that are specialized in removing snow that are best suited for this job. Using roof snow shovels also poses more of a possibility of damaging your roof. This damage can include loss of granules and cracking shingles. These are elements you don’t want to introduce to your roof during the winter months. It is important to either use the proper tools safely, or hire professionals to aid in removing snow from your roof.

Other Reasons for Removing Snow From Your Roof


Older, aging homes are at higher risks of developing ice dams. Ice dams can also be found on homes that lack proper attic ventilation. Snow melts from warmer areas higher up on your roof and freezes closer to the edges where the roof deck is colder. These frozen berms create water dams that allow for more freezing. Properly removing snow from your roof on a regular basis can eradicate ice dams before they start by removing the energy source. Similarly, as snow packs down on your roof, more weight is dispersed across the roof deck. While building codes prevent collapse due to necessary strength requirements, unattended roofs can develop massive weight loads during a long winter. Previously discussed factors also play into this. Therefore, please play it safe and make sure you are removing snow from your roof throughout the winter before it causes expensive headaches for you and your loved ones.

It is important to remedy issues before they can even start. For questions or help with snow removal, please contact us today!

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