What are Solar Attic Fans

What are Solar Attic Fans?

When the sun makes a home seem to glow with its light, residents and passersby alike may marvel at this beautiful sight. This moment may also cause people to think about the benefits of solar energy or contemplate roofing services that may be needed. With the installation of solar attic fans, property owners can leverage the benefits of this renewable energy source, while also caring for the roof and entire home through improved ventilation. Learn more about the functions and money-saving benefits of solar fans!

What Do Solar Attic Fans Do?


Solar attic fans have panels that collect sunlight and convert it into energy. This energy is then used to power the fan. Similar to other type of roof vents, solar attic fans provide the following functions:

  • They help circulate air throughout the building.
  • In supporting air flow, solar attic fans can also contribute to improved air quality.
  • They also aid in heat and humidity management by releasing hot moist air from the attic and bringing in fresh air. By helping to regulate the attic air, they support greater consistency of temperature and moisture throughout the entire home or commercial structure.
  • Due to this regulation, solar attic fans also lessen the burden on any other heating or cooling systems.

Choosing the right solar attic vent, like a fan, requires consideration of attic size and roof design, as well as the orientation of the home in relation to the sun. In order to make sure that your ventilation system best suits the needs of your home or commercial space, choosing a professional roofing and ventilation contractor, like Ranch Roofing, is imperative.

How to Save Money with Solar Attic Fans


The longevity of a roof and lifespan of roof vents depend on a variety of factors including regular maintenance. While using solar energy to power attic fans is one way to save money on your utility bill, effective roof and attic ventilation can help reduce potential expenses tied to compromised air quality in addition to other environmental or structural considerations. Additionally, you may even be able to enjoy a tax credit for your solar additions, according to Energy.gov.

  • Physical Health: According to the American Lung Association, indoor air can be much more polluted than air outside of the home, and many people spend the majority of their time indoors. Anything from paint to secondhand smoke to regular appliances like stoves or water heaters can be sources of air pollution. The impact of these contaminants can contribute to a variety of issues including lung cancer and asthma. In addition to the financial costs of missed work due to illness and medical care, health concerns often lead to significant mental and emotional stress.
  • Roof Lifespan and Maintenance Needs: Without optimal ventilation from solar attic fans and other types of roof and attic ventilation, an existing or new roof may not last as long as it could. This lack of proper care may mean that you’ll need to replace a roof more frequently, which translates to more money being spent on this one part of the home. Roof leak repair due to ice dams or deteriorating roof shingles or flashing can also be a costly expense.

  • Mold and Mildew Removal: Attic areas consistently exposed to moisture can result in mold, mildew or rot. According to home care resource, Angi, and its related discussion of attic ventilation, addressing a mold problem can cost thousands of dollars depending on how significant and widespread that issue might be. Especially in attic areas that are primarily used for long-term storage, a problem may be allowed to grow and spread for years before anyone notices it. In addition to spending money on removal and sanitation, health problems and related costs may stem from the presence of mold.

  • Pest Extermination: Unfinished attic areas tend to be rarely used by homeowners. For this reason, as well as the warm humid environment that may exist without proper ventilation from a solar attic fan or other features, Pestworld.org notes that intruders like mice or flies may be attracted to this part of the house. Having to exterminate pests from the home is a significant expense. Roofing material repairs and other structural damage caused by animals can also be costly. Additionally, the health of humans and pets who reside in the home may be at risk of diseases carried by attic-loving pests.

Does this year’s home improvement plan include installing a new roofing system? Are you adding skylights or doing other repairs to an existing roof? Have you simply decided to upgrade your home’s ventilation system, including features like solar attic fans, whirlybird vents and other energy efficient features? For homeowners in the greater Boston area, let Ranch Roofing collaborate with you to design the ideal roofing and attic ventilation configuration for your building. Contact us today to request a free estimate and discuss your upcoming project!