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How to Find a Trustworthy Attic Ventilation Contractor?

Finding a trustworthy attic ventilation contractor may seem like a daunting task for many homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be. Search Google or scan your local phonebook and you’ll find lists and lists of local contractors all vying for your business. As is the case with most businesses, any person or group can go through the proper licensing channels and start a business with no real clue as to the work that needs to be done. This leaves most homeowners in a difficult situation trying to wade these vast listings to find the right attic ventilation contractor for their job.

It goes without saying that a roofing system, and consequently proper roof ventilation, is one of the more important pieces of your home, so it is ill-advised to leave this choice up to chance. There are several key factors that homeowners should investigate when hiring a local roofing contractor, so that they will be happy and comfortable with their choices and ultimately the money they spend on their unique projects. Similarly, it is wise for individuals to have a rough idea of what they need to have done prior to contacting contractors. This is not to say you must be an expert on all things roofing, but a low level of education will allow you to best understand your estimates.

Pro Tip: Quality attic ventilation contractors will be wildly transparent and walk you through both the project and estimate.

Attic Ventilation Contractor Reviews Are King


Similar to How to Choose a Good Roofer for Your Project generally follows the same process. Roofing reviews are an important piece of the business, and the most important step in finding a quality contractor that you can trust. This is the area in which homeowners can create the most educated picture of who they are hiring as a local contractor. Also, this is an area that can show horror stories from poorer quality roofing ventilation contractors, which will help in building a mental checklist of questions to ask as you continue through your journey.

Ask the “Whys”


A quality contractor will walk you through their estimates and the job as a whole to give you the best understanding of what to expect with the project. Do not be afraid to ask “why” during this stage. Less reputable contractors may either not know why they are using certain pieces or may simply be upselling unnecessary items. This is not to say that this is the norm, however, it is something to be mindful of. By asking why, you will not only gain a clear picture of the type of company you are working with, but also get a better understanding of the project from start to finish. This will help with overall project satisfaction as the project wraps up and you enjoy your fresh new attic ventilation.


Finding a local roofer and attic ventilation contractor does not have to be a difficult job. With the wide availability of the internet, everyone has a voice and homeowners can get a wide range of (normally accurate) reviews. Do a little bit of research and ask the important question, why, and you will be on your way to finding the right contractor for the job. Ranch Roofing is always here to help, contact a member of our sales team or schedule a free estimate and you will be on your way to a proper roofing installation.