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What Goes Into a Roof Replacement Cost?

What factors into a roof replacement cost?

Many, if not all, roofing companies in Massachusetts face that question during the due diligence phase. Unfortunately for homeowners, replacing a roof consists of more than just removing and replacing old shingles. Additional factors, such as the type of roof and desired shingles, impact the overall costs of a new roof. Fortunately, quality roofing companies discuss these factors and are very transparent in their pricing structure. For example, trustworthy roofing companies outline the costs materials, alongside estimated labor. Frequently, happy customers leave positive roofing reviews that note the honest and transparent process of working with them. At Ranch Roofing, we believe that homeowners should always be comfortable in the quality of their home’s roofing system.

Do Different Types of Roofing Shingles Impact Roof Replacement Cost?


Asphalt shingles have always been the gold standard when it comes to a quality roofing system. This type of shingle is often less expensive than their slate counterparts. But, asphalt shingles still provide weather protection and a strong lifespan. Conversely, although slate tile roofs are more expensive, they offer a substantially longer lifespan. In terms of lifespan versus overall cost, asphalt and slate are roughly the same. Generally, homeowners often choose asphalt for the lower cost and strong lifespan.

Like most things, higher quality roofing materials cost more money. As a result, the underlying material drastically impacts the overall roof replacement costs. Additionally, the underlayment is a major component of a quality roofing system. Interestingly, the underlayment offers an interesting way to evaluate the experience of a local roofing contractor. For example, some roofing contractors cut roof replacement costs by choosing a lower quality underlayment and ice/water shield. Although this seems attractive, the lower quality decreases the expected lifespan. Ultimately, this potentially leads to premature failure of the overall roofing system.

Are There Additional Expenses When Determining Roof Replacement Cost


Especially in the Northeast, proper roof ventilation is paramount to a quality roofing system. If your ventilation requires installation during your roof replacement, then it impacts the overall cost. Fortunately, working with quality roofing companies outline the costs ahead of time. As a result, during the project plan, homeowners receive an itemized estimate that covers replacement costs and you avoid a surprise in the final bill. Additionally, things like replacing or installing a new skylight also impacts roof replacement costs.

What are the Unexpected & Unforeseen Roof Replacement Costs?

Another important variable in total costs is any damage that requires roof repair. To ensure a quality replacement, an experienced roofing company ensures that all areas are properly repaired before replacing your roof. Proper roof repairs range from small costs to large expenses. In particular, any roof damage that requires plywood typically inflates the overall costs as well. Also, while nails seem like a trivial cost, a roof needs a lot of nails to be properly installed, which is often an incremental cost that most homeowners often overlook.

In all, there are many different line items that all up when roofing companies create roof replacement cost estimates. Fortunately, walking through the estimate with a potential roofing company offers a unique opportunity to evaluate their trustworthiness. For example, any roofing contractor that seems opaque or side-steps your questions offers a potential warning sign. Conversely, at Ranch Roofing, our great sales team will walk you through your estimate prior to the job so that you properly understand all of the costs and can feel sure in your decision. To schedule an estimate or to talk to a member of our sales team, contact us today!