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Common Causes of a Roof Leak

Just the term roof leak is enough to strike fear into the heart of any homeowner. For many homeowners, the thought of a leaking roof, conjures up dollar signs running through their mind. From worrying about the damage and possibly the need for a new roof to finding a contractor to inspect and complete the roof leak repair, homeowners are right to be concerned about leaks. There are so many questions that arise during these issues, and for good reason.

A good roofing system is arguably the most important, and oft-overlooked part of your home. Especially here in the Northeast, a quality roof is responsible for sheltering you from the unpredictable weather. From snow and bitter cold winters to summer rain storms and uncomfortable warmth, the weather around New England is truly remarkable. While a roof leak may be terrifying, there are several common causes that homeowners may be able to be on the lookout for. By keeping on top of your roof’s health in the form of proper cleaning and maintenance, you can best ensure the longest possible lifespan for your roofing system.

Direct Damage Can Cause a Roof Leak

Damage to any part of your roofing system is the leading culprit in roof leaks. A properly installed roofing system is a cohesive blend of many different products designed to work in unison to ensure your roof is impervious to anything nature throws at it. Any time there is direct damage to your roof, from high winds to branches, there is a possibility for leaks to occur. Any time there is a breakdown in any part of the roofing system, issues can spiral downward to other pieces of the overall roofing system, stressing the limits. Proper spring and fall cleanup can ensure potential damage from debris is removed in a timely fashion before it causes a larger problem.

Clogged Gutters and Roof Leaks

Clogged gutters are a common theme in roofing issues because this is an easily actionable item for preventing roof leaks that many homeowners overlook. For residents in snowy areas, clogged gutters potentially pose worse issues. For example, snow can not only leak during rain, but are also highly susceptible to freezing. This causes an immense load that most gutter systems cannot hold (and potentially lead to things like ice dams). If and when gutters pull away from your roof, you open it up to the strong possibility of leaks as it can damage vital water shedding pieces. The main purpose of gutters is to aid in shedding water so that you don’t experience roof leaks. By weakening this system you are leaving your home open to serious issues down the road.

To make matters worse, leaks during the winter might make it more difficult to find a quality roof leak repair team near you due to the seasonality of the profession. For help finding trustworthy residential roof repair companies, look to social media and reviews!

Improper Roof Installation

Quality roofing organizations have roof installations down to a science. Like previously stated, all parts of a roofing system work in unison to best ensure the highest quality and performance. When it is time for a new roof, it is of utmost importance to hire a quality roofer so that you can be comfortable in the value that they provide. It is when companies try to cut corners or use subpar materials that a roof leak is likely to occur prematurely. While it may be attractive to save some money and hiring a less expensive contractor, it is not always the wisest choice.

Aging Roofs and a Roof Leak

Depending on your shingle style, roofs have certain lifespans. When your home is reaching the end of its life, roofing material begins to weaken. If you are unsure of the age, or know it is getting on in years, it can be assumed that your aged roofing materials are the cause of your roof leaks. This is the time to reach out to a quality roofer to get a roof replacement estimate. They will often be able to show you the cause of your roof leaks and create a quality plan to ensure they come to an abrupt stop.

In all, there are many common causes of roof leaks, although a few main culprits. If you are concerned about a roof leak, or the possibility of one starting, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. We are experts in Boston roofing and roof leak repair throughout the greater Boston area, and are here to help you make the most educated and comfortable decision to help stop your roof leak.