Roof Replacement Estimate

Why We Offer Free Roof Replacement Estimates

It is no secret that roof replacements and repairs are not inexpensive projects for an average homeowner to undertake. It is impossible to state the average roof replacement cost because they are so many factors involved; however, it is often in the high thousands. Not to mention, this is often a very stressful period for the average homeowner as there is often an unwelcome event like a leak that precedes the need for a roof replacement estimate. As a whole, prices vary wildly from roofing contractor to roofing contractor. This can be due to a myriad of reasons, but it often comes down to quality of materials and overall quality of work completed. This is not to say that you should choose the most expensive roofer thinking they will be the highest quality, nor should you exclude the lowest roof replacement estimate with the thinking that their work will be subpar. We recommend receiving estimates from several companies and making your choice from there. For more information on this, we created a detailed guide to help homeowners choose a roofer. There are many factors you should look at when making your choice and overall price versus quality is definitely one of them. Here are a few reasons we have compiled as to why you should choose a roofing contractor that offers free roof replacement estimates.

You Shouldn’t Be Constrained to Your Roof Replacement Estimate


Here at Ranch Roofing we offer free estimates for all of our potential customers. This is something we pride ourselves in offering as it benefits our customers in many different ways. Our belief is our work speaks for itself and our customers should not feel obligated to work with us just because they received one of our estimates. Roofing contractors that make you pay for estimates are predatory in the sense that they play on basic psychology. The belief here is that since you paid for the estimate, you already have money involved with the particular roofing contractor, therefore you feel it is most financially prudent to continue working with them, so you don’t waste money on the estimate. During this time, these contractors essentially have you handcuffed to them and can charge more for their service. This is not a set-in stone rule, and there are contractors that do not offer free estimates that offer fantastic service; however, it is a common trait with less than reputable services.

Roof Replacements are Expensive


Another key reason we choose to offer free estimates is we feel that roof replacements are repairs are already expensive as is. We do not feel the want or need to nickel and dime our customers. At Ranch Roofing, we believe that our service can create and foster lifetime relationships with our customers, therefore, we do everything in our power to make them confident in choosing us as their roofing contractor. Adding on to the ability to shop around, free estimates allow customers to choose the contractor that is best for them without going broke before the actual process even begins.

If you are in the market for a roof replacement or repair, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will connect you with one of our immensely talented salespeople to draft up your free estimate. We hope to hear from you and ultimately hope we become your choice to create your roof replacement estimate.