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The Advantages of a Winter Roof Replacement and How to Prepare for It!

Preparing your roof for winter and doing winter roofing maintenance can help prevent the unexpected need for a winter roof replacement. However, there are actually several advantages to scheduling this service during these colder months. The following highlights why a winter roof replacement might be right for you and how to prepare your home and your family for a new roof during this time.

3 Advantages to Winter Roof Replacement


A winter roof replacement may require timeline flexibility due to weather just like spring and fall storms often do. However, with careful planning and a little patience, residential and commercial property owners can take advantage of the benefits that service during the winter season can offer.

  1. Planning to put your home on the market in the spring? Generally, a new roof improves the look and value of your home. However, a winter roof replacement is especially enticing to spring buyers, as they will be able to maximize the lifespan of this new installation. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, a winter roof replacement takes one item off of the home maintenance checklist before the spring yard work and summer entertaining commence!
  2. Finding that your energy bills are significantly higher this winter than in previous years? A winter roof replacement is an investment, but you’ll quickly start enjoying its many benefits once it is installed. For example, your family will appreciate the healthier environment supported by the updated ventilation system, as well as the improvements in energy efficiency and better temperature regulation throughout the home. Additionally, a roof replacement may not only reduce energy expenses during the winter months but in the months and years to come!
  3. Looking for greater scheduling availability or flexibility from a roofing contractor near you? Take advantage of the opportunity to select the right roofing company for your home, since the demand for roof work isn’t as high during the winter. During these months, roofing contractors may be more available, and there may be less wait time vs peak months.

When to Schedule a Winter Roof Replacement


In many areas throughout the country, snow poses a significant threat to people and property. For those in Ranch Roofing’s service area, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency emphasizes the importance of snow removal to avoid roof collapse and highlights the potential structural dangers that heavy snow and other winter concerns, like ice dams, can cause. Contact Ranch Roofing or a roofing company near you if you see one of the signs below, which may indicate the immediate need for a winter roof replacement.

  • New cracks in wall or wood supports
  • Stains on ceilings or walls that are new or growing
  • Continuous water drips or severe roof leaks
  • Sagging in the roof deck or ceiling
  • Ripples in paint, wallpaper or ceiling panels
  • Damaged or missing shingles or flashing

How to Prepare for a Winter Roof Replacement


Preparing your household for a winter roof installation can help ensure a smooth replacement process. In addition to any guidance provided by your roofing experts, like our team at Ranch Roofing, these proactive steps can help you ready your home and your family for a winter roof replacement.

  1. Prepare your home. In preparing the inside of your home, the attic space may require the most attention. Here and as a precautionary measure in any other interior space directly connected to the roof, put away any items that can be stored or remove fragile items to another location, such as lamps, especially if parts of the ceiling have been damaged due to compromised roofing. Be sure to cover furniture and belongings to protect them against any construction dust or small debris. Outside, clear the driveway and areas around the building of any potential obstacles like fallen branches, patio furniture or decorations.
  2. Prepare your family. Ensuring that your home’s residents are ready for winter roof replacement day may vary substantially based on the ages and schedules of individuals under your roof, as well as any pets. If staying on site during the roofing work, talk about safety during this time and near construction areas, as well as temporary heating sources and storing valuables in the event that parts of the roof may be removed entirely. Determine the rooms where residents, especially pets and small children, will be least impacted by significant noise from ongoing work or consider staying in another location temporarily during this work time. 
  3. Prepare your neighbors. Although they won’t experience the winter roof replacement in the same way that you will, letting your neighbors know about the upcoming work helps them plan accordingly for associated noise and traffic. Remember to keep them updated about any changes to the installation plan due to the often unpredictable winter weather.

For roof repairs, winter roof replacements and other roofing services, Ranch Roofing is here to help you. With over 25 years of expertise and experience, we look forward to providing you with quality service and products, and we will care for your property as if it were our own. Contact us today to request a free estimate or to connect with a member of our roofing team. You might also explore this gallery of real roof installations to see our work or read what our customers have to say about working with us!