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Our View as a Leading Boston Roofer

Boston is a true gem of a city, rich in history, architecture, and culture. As a leading Boston roofer, Ranch Roofing travels the seemingly labyrinthine streets often. A look in any random direction affords us an attractive landscape or structure rich in Revolutionary history. Boston is a city quite unlike any other, and one we are very proud to call home. Our team at Ranch Roofing has compiled a list of some of our favorite sights and sounds from “The Hub” that we all hold near and dear.

Fenway Park


We’ve previously touched on Fenway in our Back Bay post; however, it’s just too nice not to mention again. No sound is purer in the city of Boston than the crisp crack of a bat during a chilly September game in Fenway Park. Home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912, Fenway has seen 8 World Series titles, alongside an 86-year title drought known as the “curse of the great bambino.” All of our employees remember the end of the curse with the Sox winning the 2004 World Series. This win began Boston’s rise to “titletown.” While there are much newer and more advanced baseball stadiums throughout the country, Fenway will always be special to the residents of New England, fans of the Red Sox, and most importantly, this Boston roofer.

Faneuil Hall


Originally opened in 1743 and the site of many speeches opposing British rule, Faneuil Hall is a landmark for the city of Boston. According to Forbes Traveler, in 2008 Faneuil Hall was the fourth most visited tourist site in the country. While it may be busy, this area is often teeming with unique life, from street performers to some fantastic restaurants and nightlife. Most importantly, the building and the area in which is sits are truly a pleasure to see.

New England Aquarium


Built out over Boston Harbor and encompassing 75,000 square feet, the New England Aquarium is a handsome fixture on the Boston waterfront. As a public aquarium, the facility welcomes north of 1.3 million unique visitors each year. Sightseers come from far and wide to gaze at the massive reef tank, as well as interact with the various waddles of Penguins that call the building home. If you have visited, you know that these penguins offer unique smells and sounds that bring the aquarium to life. Similarly, the facility engages in much conservation in New England, aiding in rescue and rehab of our marine life up and down the east coast. Committed to conservation, and sharing marine life with the citizens of Boston, the New England Aquarium is a can’t miss landmark int he city of Boston.

Any Boston roofer will agree, it is tough to beat the sights and sounds we all see from the roofs of this city. Much like all of the surrounding towns, wherever you turn you are looking at something of historical significance. While the history of the city may not be for everyone, one cannot deny that it has helped shape the city we all love and hold dear. For more information about our services, or to schedule a Free Estimate, contact us today!

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