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How to Find Roofing Contractors

Finding local roof repair contractors may seem like an arduous task. With so many businesses out there today, how exactly can you be sure that you are finding the right roof repair contractor for the job? If you search online, without any guidance, it’s easy to stumble across a long list of roofers without knowing which one to choose. There are a variety of strategies a homeowner can use throughout their journey to find a good roofing company in their area.

From small roof repairs to gutter installations, every roof repair contractor provides a different specialty. With over twenty years in the roofing business in the greater Boston area, Ranch Roofing has quite literally seen it all. From our home in Arlington and nearby Cambridge to the northeastern parts of the state like Gloucester, our team has a lot of local roofing knowledge. For example, we understand the differences between the various communities in the state and how salt water might impact a new roof near the sea. Conversely, we know that there are different demands for a roof in the city like Brighton or Somerville. We are peoples’ solutions for a local roofer when they need repairs or an entirely new roof.

How to Find a Roofer in My Area


First and foremost, ask your network of friends and family for a local roofer recommendation. Word of mouth remains one of the most dependable ways of finding contractors. So, leveraging friends and family to find a local roof repair contractor is a great plan of attack. From roofing contractors they used (and loved) to those they have used (and did not love), your network has important information. In particular, as repair work varies, ask around for someone that handles exactly what you are looking for–from small roof repairs or installing a new roof. With such a large personal network at your fingertips, being able to leverage this support system in your search is a perfect start.

Furthermore, in most areas, professional roofing contractors will be members of the local chambers of commerce. This is not a foolproof plan because some contractors may view this as an added expense, but you should still be familiar with the concept when embarking on your search for a local roofing company. Keep in mind that  professional sites like GAF, BBB or even LinkedIn indicate a lasting roofing company, as well. After all, in the roofing industry, there are plenty of “fly by night” roofers. So, you want to take steps to ensure you are working with a trustworthy local roof repair contractor.

How to Find a Good Roofer


If you don’t have a trusted network, then head online to find roof repair contractors in your area. Google is an obvious step when looking for a roofing contractor due to the sheer size of its database. For example, any long-standing roofing company will have a website. Additionally, professional organizations will show up with a local roofer search. Plus, because Google reviews are king when it comes to best understanding local businesses, quality companies will rise to the top of your search. Due to their large reach, these often lack true bias, and help in giving you a great idea of the quality you can expect from the various local roofing contractors in your results.

Review sites such as Angi and Guildquality are also fantastic resources to identify roofs in your area. Upon completing your primary search on Google, look for more information for your results. These specialty sites offer more details on local roof repair contractors. Much like Google reviews, these sites allow you to get a deeper understanding of a company. Finally, as these sites require personal accounts, you can rest assured that what you are reading is accurate.

Another great vetting tool to find roofing contractors is social media. Trusted local roofer contractors may not have a huge marketing budget but they will share updates on social media because it is free. In today’s noisy online world, leverage social media to research roofing contractors. For example, some local roofers share completed work. Conversely, other roofing companies might share community information. Plus, social media leverages friends and family, but also friends of friends and local groups. Many that are active in these local groups know a fair amount about contractors in the area due to high amounts of exposure over the years and can point you in a great direction. Also, most legitimate organizations will have some form of social media that shows off the quality of their work. Here you may also be able to find reviews that can help in your decision-making process

What to Look for in a Roofing Company


To help homeowners, we compiled the most common places to find the best roofing contractor. Before you sign the dotted line and hand over a deposit, we recommend that you research the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and check for their GAF manufacturer certification.

Finding local roof repair contractors does not have to be a difficult task, especially with the amount of information at your fingertips. When your roof needs repair, time may be of the essence, so search wisely, and just remember that Ranch Roofing is here for you as a local roofer in your area. Contact a member of our sales team for a free estimate today!