box vents

What are Box Vents and Their Benefits

When it comes to home improvements, people often consider the current benefits of their intended upgrades. For example, the installation of a new roof can immediately enhance the appearance of your home and its energy efficiency. According to Zillow, a new roof also increases your home’s overall property value. Additionally, if you are considering selling your home, this improvement may also come with a greater likelihood of receiving the full asking price, enjoying easier sale negotiations and spending less time on the market. To optimize this investment even further as well as your home’s potential resale value, installing roof vents such as box vents will support the longevity of your roof and the health of your entire home.

How do Box Vents Work?


As one approach to passive ventilation, the box vent is designed to remove accumulated hot and moist air from the attic area. This vent leverages natural airflow to expel air out of the attic and support the management of temperature and moisture buildup within the home. While these installations aren’t as imperceptible as ridge vents, they are less noticeable than roof turbines, which are sometimes chosen for their unique visual appeal. Unlike other electrically powered options or more complex designs, box vents lack moving parts or other mechanical needs that may require a greater level of maintenance. The simplicity of its design, the ease of its installation, and its contribution to a home’s air quality, energy efficiency, and environmental regulation also make the box vent one of the most budget-friendly ventilation options.

At first glance, box vents (sometimes referred to as turtle vents or static vents) may seem like a fairly simple addition to your roof. While it’s true that they may be the easiest type of attic ventilation to install, the skilled expertise of a professional ventilation expert is needed to determine the necessary number and size of the box vents for your space, how and where they should be strategically installed, and what additional ventilation options could further enhance their functionality and benefits for your home.

3 Reasons to Install Box Vents


Despite any seasonal dread related to gutter cleanouts, people value the importance of roof deck drainage systems in protecting their roof, attic, and entire home. Although they may not receive as much acclaim or be as well known as this counterpart, roof ventilation systems are just as vital to a healthy home. Box vents, in particular, serve an essential function in protecting your attic against poor airflow and the myriad problems associated with it.

  • Box vents help prevent mold and mildew from developing in the attic by removing excess moisture. Without appropriate air circulation, such growths can form and damage not only any contents stored in the attic area but also parts of the roof layers and other structural supports. They can also cause or exacerbate allergies or other respiratory issues of pets or humans who occupy the home, even if they don’t spend much time in the attic.
  • Too much heat underneath the roof in the attic area can contribute to the deterioration of roofing materials and may eventually lead to its sagging or collapse. In colder areas, like New England, the cycle of having snow melt on the roof from this related heat and then refreeze can cause ice dams which in turn may lead to issues such as shingle damage and roof leaks. Without the use of box vents or other ventilation features, unregulated hot air buildup can also result in more money being spent on energy bills related to heating and cooling. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy notes that as much as 20% of the average property owner’s annual energy bill may be due to inefficient energy use.
  • According to the National Pest Management Association, mice, bats, fleas and flies are just a few of the many pests that may be found in attics that offer warmer and more humid living conditions. While continuous higher temperatures and moisture exposure alone can endanger the structural integrity of your home and the health of its residents, the pests that they attract are another significant and potentially costly threat to people and pets, as well as the property itself. A thoughtfully designed ventilation system that incorporates box vents or other vent options can help reduce the appeal of your attic space to unwanted intruders.

Support the health of your home and your loved ones with an efficient and effective roof ventilation system. For box vents, solar attic vents, soffit vents, and more, Ranch Roofing can customize the right ventilation design for your residential or commercial property. Planning to upgrade your current ventilation set-up or add skylights during a roof replacement or roof repair? Tell us about your upcoming roofing project today so that we can start collaborating with you and provide a free service estimate!