Roof Ventilation

Why you Should Ensure you have Proper Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is a key component to every home’s roof. Depending on the climate, proper ventilation is important to the health and lifespan on your home’s roof. In cold climates, roof vents are vital to ensure your roof doesn’t suffer from ice dams, while in warmer climates they help move hot air and moisture from your attic. Roof ventilation is often adequate in newer homes, however older homes, like those we see in Cambridge need updated systems when installing a new roof.

How does Roof Ventilation Work?

Proper attic ventilation comes in many forms, but most commonly through soffit vents and ridge vents. Fresh air enters the attic via the soffit vents which are found on the lower portion of your roof, or the eaves. In doing so, stagnant air moves out through the ridge vents which are found at the very top of the roof, or the ridge. Similarly, proper ventilation can help in heating and cooling your house during the different seasons by moving air in and out of your home.

How Proper Roof Vents Help in the Winter


From our post on ice dams, improper ventilation is the main culprit for the continued formation of ice dams here in the northeast. By keeping air moving in and out of the attic, you can ensure there are no hot or warm spots created on the underside of your roof. This helps keep your attic on a much more even temperate gradient, further preventing snow melt and ice build up. Since uneven temperatures cause the melting and refreezing that leads to ice dams, proper roof ventilation keeps them at bay.

Why Roof Vents are Key to a Healthy Home


In warmer climates, proper roof ventilation keeps allergy causing mold at bay. The moving of air helps pull moisture out of your attic which is not only key for your health but also the health of the roof deck. If moisture content grows too high you can run into mold in your attic and the underside of your roof. Finally, intense heat can damage shingles from the bottom.

For more, GAF shares some useful information and how roof and attic vents work. Plus, it includes worthwhile tips that help homeowners choose the right solution for your home.

Ranch Roofing Helps Improve Your Roof Ventilation


If you are looking to address any roof ventilation issues with your home, then rest assured because Ranch Roofing can help. From Newton to Somerville, as a trusted local roofer, we have the experience and knowledge to fix any roof vent. However, we also believe homeowners work with the right roofer, so we recommend conducting some research. Ask questions like the following to find a quality roofing ventilation company? Ask some key questions when talking with roofing companies.

  • Is the company licensed & insured?
  • What is the quality of the materials being used?
  • What is the company’s track record?
  • Do they have credentials and qualifications?
  • Is there a warranty? If so, who backs it?

At the end of your research, we believe you’ll like our answers.

After all, Ranch roofing representatives are ventilation experts. As such, ventilation is a focal point to nearly every Ranch Roofing consultation. Since each home is different, our representatives set aside time during your appointment to evaluate ventilation options specific to your home.

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