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The City of Lawrence is in Essex County and runs along the Merrimack River. Home to the Lawrence Heritage State Park and notable historic sites, Lawrence is known as the “Immigrant City” and a multicultural city featuring many neighborhoods, such as the Dutch Gap Neighborhood and Tower Hill. Here, residents and visitors can find a variety of commercial and residential architectural styles ranging from historical to new construction and when people need roofing service, they need a professional company experienced in working with a variety of home style and roofing materials.

How homeowners should know about roofing in Lawrence?

A new asphalt roof is a significant investment in your home. It is a good idea to know where to look for evidence that points to it being time for a new roof.

  1. Does your roof show any evidence of leaking? Are there water stains on your ceiling, (particularly after a strong wind driven storm)? Does your home show signs of previous ice dam damage?
  2. Are your roofing shingles looking worn?
  3. Have any fallen off house?
  4. Do you see any mold, algae, and moss on your roof? They can cause roofing problems and typically show up in black streaks or blackening of roof shingles, white patches, or green vegetation. It does not mean you need a new roof when they appear, but if not dealt with, eventually can become an issue.
  5. Does your roof show signs of aging? For example, damaged fascia and soffit are often caused by ice dams indicate an aging roof.

At first sight of these signs, get in touch with the qualified team at Ranch Roofing. Our Lawrence roofing experts bring expertise to every job and can recommend and install an asphalt roof for your home. Ranch Roofing does not believe in cutting corners, so remember that we know every home is different and an expert from Ranch Roofing will help determine the roofing system that will work best for yours.

Tips for Homeowners When Considering a New Roofing Company in Lawrence, MA

When searching for a new roofing company in Lawrence, MA, it’s important to do your research.

Fortunately, you can find out a lot about a roofing contractor through social media and the internet. When looking for a roofing company for your home, look for companies who:

  • Create a professional website
  • Show the highest customer ratings
  • Show a strong reputation
  • Value customer feedback

What About Roof Repair in Lawrence, MA?

Ranch Roofing provides reliable and trustworthy Lawrence roof repair services.

It’s vital for your roof and home to make timely repairs as needed. For expert roof repairs in Lawrence, depend on Ranch Roofing. As your local roofing company in Lawrence, we bring expert roof repair and quality materials. Inferior products may save money for the short term, but will end up costing you more down the road. We know it is difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy company to provide your local roof repairs in Lawrence (and the neighboring communities). However, we believe that finding the right roofing company for your needs, starts by asking your friends, family and neighbors.

Fortunately, Ranch Roofing has been providing a variety of roofing services to Lawrence homeowners and the surroundings town for over 25 years, so we are confident you’ll find a good recommendation in your network. Plus, at Ranch Roofing, we stand by our work and have confidence that we will rank among your top choices for any roofing services, including any residential roof repairs. Additionally, we take pride in our customer service, so we are confident that our roofers will be sure to address your home roofing repair needs in a timely fashion, no matter how big or small!

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Ranch Roofing Reviews from Lawrence, MA

“Having worked with Ranch Roofing five years ago, I was more than comfortable in having Bob’s team (Todd and Ryan) come back out to finish the rest of the roof work on a large house. The initial job included not just a beautifully installed architecture roof but a skylight, removal of gutters and building out soffits. The most recent job was to complete the roof replacement on the second part of the house, take down the gutters and rehang them (under the roof). Once again, everything was quick and very clean. Ranch Roofing worked the schedule and coordinated to allow the siding team (O’Sullivans) to finish and then come back to complete the gutter work. Bob doesn’t usually do gutters but since the job required rehanging UNDER the roof, he insisted that the quality was up to his expectation and had it done by his team. The only mishap was a young tree damaged during the work but Ryan brought it to my attention immediately and offered to replace. I guess I should also thank Mr. O’Sullivan Sr for teaching his sons (Bob and Tim) on the skills and pride of their work. A nod to Todd for always being available for questions!“

“Excellent work. Estimate was accurate. Crew was very professional. Dumpster arrived before crew. Job started about 9AM and was finished about 1PM. My yard was left cleaner than before. Roof looks great! And no more gutter cleaning!“

“Excellent service. From the first consultation through the job completion we could not have been more satisfied with the roof replacement. They performed some minor cap replacement on our ridge vents to carry us through the winter without leaks; volunteered to install a wildlife guard on our ridge vents at no additional charge; repaired much trim work that was already in tough shape; and the whole job was completed in two days. Truly impressive.”

Ranch Roofing is Lawrence MA’s Home Roofing Solution!