Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Includes Your Roof

Spring cleaning is often a yearly ritual is most homes. Once we begin to regain motivation from a cold dreary winter our less than valuables begin to look more and more like clutter and trash. Useless items are thrown away, unused clothes donated, and the inside of our homes are given a much needed nice deep cleaning. Don’t stop just spring cleaning inside of your home. Continue your spring cleaning to include your roof and exterior of your house as well. If you follow proper fall cleanup you may be wondering why doing so in the spring is necessary. Your roof gutters can still take a beating in the winter. This can be from ice expansion to clogging from the final stray leaves that you didn’t think would cause an issue last fall. Following this spring roofing guide to safeguard your home and roof for the upcoming rain and heat that late spring and summer offer.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Let’s face it, spring often brings much in the way of rain and mud, with snow melting off of your roof at an oh-so alarming rate. Just because you cleaned your roof and gutters during the fall does not mean winter weather didn’t carry debris back into them. Checking your gutters is key to an easy spring, ensuring that water can shed your roof as easily and quickly as possible. Ensure that your gutters are clear so spring showers can easily shed from your roof and gutter systems. This is often an area for worry regarding roof leaks, so it is best to stay on top of it as the seasons change.

Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Stop at your Gutters


Bare, frozen trees and winter winds are often a bad mix when it comes to your roof. You must make sure branches and sticks are removed from your rooftop in a timely manner before mold and other issues arise during the spring thaw. Also, by clearing sticks early, you prevent them from reaching your gutters and downspouts, thus preventing impending clogs. Finally, larger pieces of wood can actually damage your roof itself so now is the perfect time to check for more serious issues. This is usually a problem we find in more suburban areas like our hometown of Arlington, where there is more tree overhand and cover.

Stay on Top of Ice Damage


While you may have noticed ice dams or larger icicles during the winter months, you may not have noticed the damage they may have caused to your roof. Adding these checks to your spring cleaning routine prevents water from entering your roof during ensuing storms. Ice dams and ice expansion can lift shingles, areas of flashing, as well as ice and water shield. By staying on top of this step you can easily prevent water from entering your home during spring showers.

Check Your Attic


For most of us, our attics are where most of our unwanted to unloved stuff spends its final days. If you find yourself in your attic during spring cleaning, make sure you check the underside of your roof for signs of water damage. This is one major step in keeping your home mold free.

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