Roof Shingle Maintenance 101

Roof shingle maintenance is a lesser-known requirement to a happy and healthy roofing system. We cannot understate the importance of annual roof maintenance, and its positive effect on a roof’s lifespan. So, you know that roof shingles should be maintained annually, but it’s likely that a few questions remain. For example: Why do I need to maintain my roof? And how do I go about properly maintaining it?

No matter where in the world you live, a well-maintained roof will always last longer than one that goes neglected. All regions are different and therefore have different areas of focus when it comes to roof shingle maintenance. For example, homeowners in the Northeast will have to worry more about mold and algae growth than regions like the Southwest that have dryer climates. Wet and cold climates face many different weather patterns that can impact a roofing system in a variety of ways. Here at Ranch Roofing, we have over two decades of experience in roof shingle maintenance in the Northeast, leading us to be experts in this topic.

Roof Shingle Maintenance Isn’t Limited to Certain Materials


Proper roof shingle maintenance is not limited to just asphalt or slate shingles. In the greater Boston area, mold and algae growth are the largest culprits for unhealthy roofing systems. These growths can prematurely degrade shingles, which exposes the roof to the threat of leaks and worn shingles.

While these growths can occur on all roofing materials, their solutions are quite similar. Proper roof shingle maintenance starts with the homeowner embarking on regular cleanings. Unlike siding, it is not recommended to use a direct spray from a pressure washer. However, you may use one to spray cleaning solutions directly onto the shingles. In addition, do not scrub. This will break shingles and remove the granules that make up their structural integrity. As always, we urge that you should not climb on your roof for any reason when cleaning your shingles.

Clean Those Gutters


Another crucial part of roof shingle maintenance includes the gutters, which should also be cleaned regularly. Clogged gutters ultimately cause water to back up onto the roof, leading to leaks. Also, in colder climates, clogged gutters can help in the growth and creation of ice dams. These are often caused by improper ventilation and can cause damage to your home when combined with the effects of a clogged gutter. Without the proper cleaning and unclogging of your gutter, they also become very heavy with debris. If the weight becomes enough, especially with added water, they can rip directly off the home. This will cause damage to the roof and flashing, becoming a costly situation.

Roof Shingle Maintenance Relies on Debris Removal


The buildup of debris on a roof is the leading culprit to premature wear. When debris such as sticks and branches are left on a roof it creates friction. As these pieces move around, they wear down shingles and rub on granules. When this happens for a long enough period of time, the friction causes shingles to crack, break, and wear away. It isn’t recommended to climb onto a roof, however all debris that can be easily reached should be removed. For harder to reach debris and roof’s that can’t be accessed safely by the homeowner, roofing contractors can assist in debris removal. These roof maintenance professionals are highly skilled and accustomed to climbing on steep roofs. With their expertise, equipment, and knowledge of roof shingle maintenance, they can safely and effectively remove debris, helping you increase the longevity of your roof.

For a healthy and happy roof, it is imperative for all homeowners to adopt proper roof shingle maintenance into their yearly routines. We do not recommend taking on actual home repairs, but proper cleaning cycles are critical. If you want your roof to live up to its expected lifespan, be sure to follow these simple tips. Adding roof shingle maintenance to your spring and fall cleaning routines will make it easy to remember and follow through with.